Massive outpouring of GiveSendGo support for Daniel Penny… Soros-prosecutors must be sweating bullets…

“It’s a challenging situation because nowadays, the majority of people tend to be bystanders who choose to capture acts of violence on their cell phones rather than stepping up as selfless heroes.”

(Revolver) Daniel Penny, the 24-year-old young man we’ve dubbed the “Marine Subway Hero,” turned himself into New York authorities on Friday after he heroically saved an entire subway train from a violent, mentally ill madman named Jordan Neely.

A massive outpouring of support on GiveSendGo must have the Soros prosecutors working this case sweating. As of publication, the legal fund has already raised a stunning $736,251.

For at least a decade, the criminal schizophrenic Mr. Neely had been causing terror among New York City commuters. On that eventful day when Mr. Penny happened to be on the train, Mr. Neely, a long-time offender, was determined to carry out a criminal act in order to secure food and shelter by returning to prison. View article →



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