Weed Is Literally Blowing Young Men’s Minds

Considering that each one of those cases is a life-altering tragedy for the victim and his family, it’s inexcusable for pot pushers to keep telling young people the stuff is “harmless.”

(Athena Thorne – PJ Media) Advocates for the legalization of cannabis across the country offer all sorts of comforting assertions about how harmless pot is. “Weed isn’t addictive,” or “Pot users aren’t violent,” they assure us. Neither of those claims is true, however.

Pot pushers also like to compare weed favorably to alcohol, which has been legal for nearly a century. “Unlike alcohol, there is no lethal dose of cannabis,” advocates say. That may be true: it’s unheard of to die from one individual use of pot. But on the other hand, a drunk can get sober tomorrow, whereas a cannabis user can induce severe mental illness in himself that will handicap him for the rest of his needlessly miserable lifetime. View article →



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