The Accolades Given to Tim Keller Reveals an Alarming Trend Within Evangelicalism

(The Dissenter) Treading carefully not to seem as though we revel in the death of another human being—we don’t—we do feel as though enough time has passed to pour water on the fire surrounding the idolatry of a man who was ashamed of the gospel. Tim Keller was an influential pastor and author, but he was also a divisive figure who dramatically overstepped the bounds of traditional biblical teaching. His ministry, centered at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, was characterized by a troubling emphasis on social justice, a concept deeply entangled with contemporary political ideologies and far removed from the true Gospel message.

Keller’s death on May 19, 2023, has triggered a veritable flood of accolades from across the Christian spectrum, a spectacle that reveals a profound misunderstanding of biblical unity and the purpose of the gospel. In lauding Keller as a near Messiah-like figure within Evangelicalism, these professing Christians are not uniting in Christ—they are uniting in worldly pursuits.

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