The Truth About Diversity and the Terrifying Reason the Commie Left Is Pushing It

“Watch this brief video that explains how the “demoralization stage will leave Americans not believing reality (such as a man can be a woman) — and how successful the Soviets were at the time of this interview, which was roughly 1984. He then explains the next three steps. It’s the most important video you may ever watch.”

(Kevin Downey JR. – PJ Media) Anything being pushed by globalists — especially the evil commie clowns at the World Economic Forum (WEF) — requires a closer look. So, I thought I’d look into their dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusivity (DEI) which they’ve been hell-bent on gavaging down our throats.

FACT-O-RAMA! The commies like to wrap their tyranny in virtue. An example is the transgender narrative. We are all expected to agree that a man can don panties and thus he is a she, and anyone who differs is labeled a “bigot” and may actually be fired.

Why does the left push this codswallop? I believe the Marxists know a man cannot be a woman but have realized that if they can make people believe a man is a woman, they control and — in a weird way — own those people. Another example is the surge of illegal immigrants pouring over our border. The left claims they are allowing it for virtuous reasons but in reality, the globalists are trying to crush our nation with millions of people we can’t possibly help. View article →



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