The Chosen Doubles Down On Pride Flags On Set

Dallas Jenkins once said: “I felt like God was saying that ‘this will be the definitive portrayal of My people and this is what people are going to think of around the world when they think of My people. And I’m not going to let you screw it up.’” And yet Mr. Jenkins managed to screw it up royally.

With that quote in mind, read Ray Fava’s follow up piece where he reveals that Jenkins, who allegedly heard directly from God, has dug himself a hole that he may not be able to crawl out of:

The Chosen published a behind the scenes video showcasing a pride flag on the set of a show depicting Jesus. Unsurprisingly, controversy ensued. Evangelical Dark Web may have been one of the first to cover it, but the Daily Wire would mainstream the story….

On social media, The Chosen would double down on allowing the celebration of sodomy on their set and their subsequent glorification of it.

The Chosen cites diversity as their justification. But this explanation doesn’t hold water, as they could have hired a homosexual, but they allowed him to flaunt pride flags on set which is a separate issue. There’s no reason to think that Mel Gibson would have allowed pride flags on the set of The Passion or the Kendrick Brother on their movies. But The Chosen is a different animal. It’s funded through and distributed by Mormons [see article below]. It’s marketed to liberal white women. View article →


‘The Chosen’ Supports Homosexuality By Ray Fava

Is God really the one behind ‘The Chosen,’ as the creator of the series declares? By Marsha West


The Chosen


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