The Chosen Director Responds to Controversy, Suggests PRIDE Attire is ‘Appropriate in a Professional Environment’

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“Dallas Jenkins maintains that he is not running a church or a ministry. Yet he actively sells devotional material. Additionally, he claims that he is a for-profit public company, which is also a lie as public company means publicly traded.”

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) Dallas Jenkins has published a video on The Chosen’s YouTube channel responding to the controversy that arose from The Chosen having a pride flag on set and then subsequently glamorizing it in a behind the scenes video. Predictably, Dallas Jenkins is indignant about the controversy and the issue at play….

And as telegraphed in the Christian Post’s coverage, [a site CRN does not recommend] The Chosen wants to frame the issue as “who they hire” rather than a what they believe.

Dallas Jenkins makes several claims in his response including some bold lies which we will break down tomorrow. His main point is that The Chosen is a business, and this is a disagreement over how he runs his business. Dallas Jenkins believes in secular neutrality in business, compartmentalizing it from his faith. So while he hires sodomites and atheists, he also allows them to promote their views antitheitical to the work on set. View article →



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The Chosen


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