Google Doesn’t Want You to See This Letter From a Christian Pastor About Pride Month

“Parents, your job is to inculcate your kids with the truth of God’s word. Saturate their lives with it. Memorize scripture with them, take them to a Bible-believing church, and model your faith boldly and without apology. The world wants your children. Do everything in your power to protect them from the “flaming darts of the Evil One.” The sword of the spirit—the Word of God—is your most effective weapon.

(Paula Bolyard – PJ Media) Dan Phillips, a Christian pastor and sometimes blogger, recently posted a letter he sent to his congregation to help parents explain Pride Month to their children.

The letter (read it in its entirety below) was posted on June 5 on the Pyromaniacs blog, which is hosted on the Google-owned Blogger platform….

It was a thoughtful letter with sound biblical advice for families trying to navigate the rainbow-saturated month of June. In fact, I forwarded it to my son and daughter-in-law and told them to bookmark it for when those questions come up with our granddaughter, as they inevitably will.

Not long after the letter was posted, Google/Blogger stepped in and censored the post. If you try to access the page now, you will see this: View article →

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