FBI Source: Bidens ‘Coerced’ Burisma Exec to Pay $10 Million in Bribes

“Zlochevsky allegedly told the CHS he was dismayed by Trump’s victory, fearing an investigation would reveal his payments to the Biden family, which included a $5 million payment to Hunter Biden and a $5 million payment to Joe Biden.” 

(Matt Margolis – PJ Media) Despite the White House’s best efforts to laugh off the ongoing investigation of the Biden Crime Family and the most recent revelations of bribery to the tune of $10 million ($5 million for Joe and $5 million for Hunter), they’re not going away.

In fact, new unsettling details regarding the FD-1023 document are trickling out. Earlier this week, we learned the FBI had heavily redacted the document, including the part allegedly revealing there are 17 recordings of Mykola Zlochevsky, co-founder of Burisma Holdings, bribing the Bidens (15 featuring Hunter Biden and two with then-Vice President Joe Biden), which Zlochevsky recorded as “insurance” to protect himself. The latest allegation that has come out is that the FD-1023 document contains testimony from a confidential human source (CHS) claiming that the Bidens exerted pressure on Zlochevsky to pay them the bribes. View article →



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