Professional counselor summit features session on benefits of ‘puppy play’

“Puppy play kink recently made headlines when the Biden administration hired Sam Brinton, a puppy play fetishist, to be an official in the Department of Energy. Brinton was later fired and jailed on charges of stealing women’s luggage and clothing from airports.” 

(Sam Haun – The Sentinel) The Tennessee Licensed Professional Counselors Association hosted a session on “puppy play” and other fetishes at the organization’s annual summit last weekend.

The organization of counselors, whose mission is “to enhance the profession of mental health counseling in Tennessee and its regions, through licensing, advocacy, education and professional development,” featured forty-seven breakout sessions at the summit, some of which had conference attendees raising their eyebrows. Among the sessions was one entitled “Bark! The Kink and Culture of Human Puppy Play.” View article →



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