Celebrate Good Times, Come On! Patriotic Boycotts Cost Woke Corporations $28 BILLION In Market Value

“All the news, however, is not good. Axios explains that Kohl’s stock “slumped by over 20% in the wake of the furor, but has since rebounded.” Rebounded? Not a good sign. These corporations have to be made to feel the heat in an ongoing manner, or they’ll just resume with their woke propaganda, secure in the knowledge that patriotic anger will blow over.” 

(Robert Spencer – PJ Media) Grab a Yuengling and join me in a toast to the patriots who have let Target, Anheuser-Busch, and Kohl’s know that “Go woke, go broke” is not just a slogan. The three corporate giants all famously kowtowed to the Leftist agenda over the last few months, and now they’re feeling the pain for having done so: they’ve lost a collective $28.7 billion in market value since the beginning of April, when Bud Light ads featuring the obnoxious fake woman and publicity hound Dylan Mulvaney first appeared.

Axios reported Friday that “Corporate America is finding itself trapped between society’s progressive impulses, and the conservative backlash.” Note how the woke “journalists” try to tilt the playing field in their favor: Axios would have us believe that the “progressive” impulses, by which they mean the Left’s obsession with sexual deviance and perversion, as well as with socialism and internationalism, are coming from “society.” The “conservative backlash,” on the other hand, isn’t coming from “society” at all. So if you want to be on the side of “progress” and of the societal consensus, you should support the Leftist corporations, and not the patriots who are standing up to their efforts to push Leftism upon us instead of just contenting themselves with selling their products. View article →



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