Now They Tell Us: New Report Reveals ‘Critical Vulnerabilities’ in Dominion Voting Machines

“The overarching question now is whether these vulnerabilities can and will be fixed in time for the next presidential election, or whether the Dominion voting machines will once again present a golden opportunity for all those who want to “enhance” our next presidential contest the way they did the last one.”

(Robert Spencer – PJ Media) As we all know, the 2020 presidential election was the most honest, above-board exercise of popular suffrage in the recorded history of mankind, and anyone who suggests otherwise is a racist, bigoted redneck yahoo who wants to install Donald Trump as dictator-for-life of this once-proud republic….

That said, however, there has been a steady trickle of revelations suggesting that the 2020 election was not actually the pristine civics lesson that we have been forced to affirm it to have been (on pain of vilification and deplatforming). The latest is the belated release this week of the 2021 Halderman Report, which shows that Dominion Voting Systems voting machines are not quite the unimpeachable fortresses they’ve been touted to be. View article →



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