Michael O’Fallon Removed From G3 Ministries Board

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) G3 Ministries has been under a lot of pressure as a result of their vehement opposition to Christian Nationalism. In much of their argument against Christian Nationalism, they relied on arguments from James Lindsay, a Christian-hating atheist to oppose brothers in Christ and employing woke tactics such as labeling Stephen Wolfe racist for complimenting white Evangelicals. As it would turn out, amidst the controversy surrounding Christian Nationalism, G3 Ministries would quietly remove Michael O’Fallon from their board of directors. Michael O’Fallon is the founder of Sovereign Nations and New Discourses, the latter of which spreads woke views on gender.

According to the G3 Ministries’ website, Michael O’Fallon is no longer listed on the board of directors for G3 Ministries. In his place are Jeff Pate and Jonathan Frazier. This change occurred very recently as according to the Wayback Machine, Michael O’Fallon was listed as of June 10.  View article →



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