Butchered Children of ‘Gender-Affirming Care’

Father injecting his trans child with hormones.

“They will be on pills for life as well. Detransitioning often leaves children scarred, infertile irreversibly, and with something worse than dysphoria, a deformed body.”

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) Biden’s administration has condemned depriving children of puberty blockers and transition surgeries. Biden calls it “immoral,” and both he and KJP call the children of the nation “our children.” If so, when will they support my children, and can I set up play dates with Joe?

Their savage ideas about transitioning children align perfectly with their idea that it’s okay to kill a full-grown baby up to the moment of birth and even after.

The purveyors of “gender-affirming care” and puberty blockers are an assault on children. Many of these children have emotional issues; some would probably become gay, but we’re told by the likes of HHS’s Rachel Levine it can be cured. View article →



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