They finally debated RFK Jr. on vaccines and it did NOT go well for ‘the science’…

(Revolver) RFK Jr. made a powerful appearance at a News Nation town hall recently where he went head-to-head with the so-called vaccine “science.” By the time he was done, the “science” was in pieces. And the real kicker was his approach — RFK Jr. was both smart and persuasive, likely hitting home with more everyday people than the media would dare to admit. The 13-minute video is a must watch.

News Nation:

RFK Jr.: ‘Anti-vaccine’ moniker is ‘way of silencing me’

The Democratic hopeful pushed back against claims that he’s anti-vaccine and said labeling him as such is just a way of “silencing” him.

“I’ve never been anti-vaccine, and I’ve said that hundreds and hundreds of times but it doesn’t matter,” Kennedy told Vargas. “Using a pejorative to describe me is a way of silencing me or marginalizing me.”… View article →



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