Southern Baptist Convention ERLC Head Brent Leatherwood Lobbies Tennessee Court to Bury Transgender School Shooter’s Manifesto

“If the manifesto were truly a nothing-burger that contained no new information regarding motive, there would be no reason for all of the legal gamesmanship on the part of Leatherwood and others to shield it from the public’s view.”

(Protestia) In recent months, following the Covenant School Shooting, the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission head Brent Leatherwood has been outspoken in support of gun control legislation, throwing the lobbying power of the Southern Baptist Convention behind the gun control proposals of Tennessee Governor Bill Lee.

Leatherwood, whose three children attend Covenant School, supports the governor’s bid to bring red-flag gun control laws to Tennessee, which would result in the removal of guns from the possession of citizens without due process. But actions have consequences, and this move could be used in the future to nullify the second amendment rights of Christians who are deemed ideological enemies of the secular status quo. View article →


Research: Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission


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