Why Costco Unleashing the ‘Death Star’ on Bud Light Is Even Worse Than You Think

“Costco buyers who never even heard of Bud Light’s marketing fail with He Who Shall Not Be Named will stop buying Bud Light, too, just because it isn’t there — but some other discount light beer is.”

(Stephen Green – PJ Media) It’s the logo that Costco shoppers dread: when the “Death Star” appears next to their favorite item, indicating that the discount retail giant won’t restock once current inventory has sold out….

Just this year, the Death Star has appeared on Filthy brand blue cheese olives, Kinder’s organic toasted onion dip mix, and Jonny Pops chocolate dipped strawberry pops.

Now the Death Star has been spotted adorning the price signs for Bud Light, which was the most popular beer in America back in the olden days of […checks notes…] a couple months ago. View article →



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