Brutal ‘Twilight Zone’ Cartoon Shows Just How Mixed Up The USA Has Become

“Igunnubole argued that these guidelines don’t pay due regard to essential freedoms: “This is the latest misstep in a trend towards guidance which fails to give adequate weight to fundamental freedoms of speech, of conscience, of religion and more.”

(Steve Straub – The Federalist Papers) They say a picture can be worth a thousand words so here in one image is a brutal cartoon that shows just how mixed up our world has become.

See the image on the site.


Does that about sum it up?

While that is just a cartoon here is a real life story that shows that cartoon is pretty spot on:

Failing to Financially Support a Spouse Or a Child’s Gender Transition To Be Considered ‘Domestic Abuse’ In The UK

Parents and family members in the UK may face prosecution if they fail to financially support a relative’s gender transition or refrain from using preferred pronouns, as suggested by recent guidance from the UK’s Code for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). View article →



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