Execs Are ‘Panicked’ Over the Post-Tucker Fox News Primetime Lineup Ratings

“Carlson’s ouster was read by his audience as a show of the contempt in which the Fox News brass held its viewers. The network paid for it.” 

(Victoria Taft – PJ Media) With grand fanfare, Fox News rolled out its first night of the post-Tucker Carlson permanent primetime lineup Monday night. The ratings were released Tuesday, showing a freefall in viewership. Even Sean Hannity lost the ratings battle to MSNBC. Let’s just say that at this point the guys in the executive suites might need some smelling salts.

Chadwick Moore, the author of a new book about Tucker Carlson, tweeted that Fox News executives were “panicked” by the flagging numbers. Moore wrote, “Sources at Fox are telling me that last night’s much-hyped primetime reboot was a ratings disaster. Executives are panicked.” Thought Sean Hannity’s time slot didn’t change, he still “lost to MSNBC’s Maddow and the 8:00 show only pulled in 149,000 from the key demographic. (Tucker routinely got at least 400k). More to come…” View article →



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