Hunter’s Partner Devon Archer to Share Shocking Testimony

“It’s quite stunning. This week’s hearing will back up everything we’ve heard from whistleblowers and everything we’ve seen in documents.”

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s former business partner and best friend, will testify that Hunter put Joe Biden on the phone with business associates at least two dozen times. A friend said that he is testifying because he has nothing to hide and feels it’s his civic duty. Since this came out, his family has gotten death threats and been told to keep their mouths shut.

In testimony this week, Archer, 48, facing prison for his role in a $60 million bond fraud, will testify to the House Oversight Committee about the meetings he witnessed.

Hunter would get his father, then Vice President Joe Biden, on speaker phone into meetings with overseas business partners. View article →



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