Transgender Genital Surgeries Result in Pain, Incontinence

(Alana Mastrangelo – Breitbart) Four out of five people who undergo transgender-related surgery involving their genitals endure pain in the five years after the procedure, more than half feel pain while having sex, and about one-third are left incontinent, one of the first studies into the side effects discovered.

“There is a high percentage reporting musculoskeletal pain, difficulty moving, and pelvic floor dysfunction,” University of Florida professor Meryl Alappattu said. “In terms of getting information related to the efficacy of these types of treatments — we still have a lot of work to do.”

Researchers from the University of Florida and Brooks Rehabilitation found the vast majority (81 percent) of those who had surgery on their genitals in the past five years say they endured pain in their lower back, groin, pelvis, chest, or shoulders in the weeks, months, and even years after their procedures, according to a report by Daily MailView article →



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