CIA has a well-documented history of planting fake ‘UFO stories’ when they want to distract the public…

(Revolver) On the day that Hunter Biden was scheduled to go to court, the U.S. government conveniently decided to hold a big congressional extravaganza on UFOs, complete with sketchy “whistleblowers” who claim the government is hiding dead aliens.

Of course, many folks on the right saw this as nothing more than a coordinated distraction maneuver, similar to how they “re-arrest” President Trump every time Joe has a scandal pop up. Although, overall, the feeling from a lot of Americans was rather “meh.”

Check out the overwhelming vibe on TikTok: (watch the LOL video on the site)

Revolver actually published a fantastic article on this very topic — Americans basically shrugged their shoulders at the entire UFO circus and went about their business as usual. View article →



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