Conservatives are having the daycare debate and I am here for it!

“Call it a ministry, or call it an essential service, but in my humble opinion daycare is a necessary evil. Especially so for young babies who have not yet developed a healthy attachment to their parents to be separated from those parents for the vast majority of their waking hours daily.”

(Harriet Rigby – Not the Bee) Is daycare a societal good? Or a necessary evil?

Thanks to conservative pop-culture commentator Alex Clark of Poplitics, conservative moms are having the much-needed debate.

Clark recently interviewed author Suzanne Venker on her podcast, The Spillover, to talk about all the myriad problems with daycare. Venker argues that daycare should be a last resort for families, but in the current culture, it’s become a default for many moms.

And boy let me tell you, moms are mad about her take. [watch the video]

In past generations it seemed obvious to most people that the ideal was to have a mom home with her kids, and if that wasn’t possible, to look at other options. But that doesn’t seem to be as obvious to parents anymore. View article →



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