Radical Elitist Nicole Schwab Talks Casually of Coming Lockdowns

“These globalists are totalitarian at their core; they are unelected, self-appointed radicals who are going to make the population of Earth, excluding the elites, obey their will. It’s the reason for the global taxes, CBDCs, banks, wars, war on fossil fuels, and sustainable goals.”

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) The globalists are planning worldwide lockdowns to save the planet based on their error-filled, computer-generated predictions that have a history of failure.

Klaus Schwab’s daughter, Nicole Schwab, claims our system is not sustainable, and it is an opportunity for The Great Reset….

Despite none of their major climate predictions coming true, the World Economic Forum founder’s daughter sees lockdowns and other drastic measures in our future.

Nicole Schwab claims that “Covid” has demonstrated that rapid and extreme changes to the fabric of society can be implemented when people perceive an immediate sense of emergency. It is a mechanism that can be applied to the “climate crisis” to accelerate the WEF’s “Great Reset” agenda. View article →



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