Jonathan Turley: ‘What we now know, quite frankly, is that the President has been lying.’

There are several videos in this piece that are helpful in understanding the Biden family influence peddling that Hunter’s business associate Devon Archer exposed. Jonathan Turley and Jesse Watters nail it — Jesse lays out all the facts in a clear concise way. The videos are short. Here’s Whatfinger’s report:

Mollie Hemingway and Miranda Devine discuss Devon Archer confirming President Joe Biden participated in over twenty calls about his son’s foreign business dealings. “We have Devon Archer saying that Burisma executives asked Hunter Biden to help them get the prosecutor who was going after them fired. We know that five days later, Joe Biden was speaking in front of the Ukrainian parliament, laying the groundwork to get this guy fired. And then as you showed, he bragged about getting it done within just a few short months. This teaches us so much about how the Biden family business worked for foreign oligarchs.

And Ukraine is just one example. It’s also Romania and China and Russia paid millions of dollars to the Biden family for just this type of action.” Hunter Biden sold access as an unregistered foreign lobbyist, using Joe Biden’s political influence to receive millions from foreign nationals in countries where his father was responsible for US foreign policy. The entire Biden business model violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which the Justice Department recently used to indict a Biden corruption whistleblower involved with the same CEFC China Energy as Hunter Biden. What’s more destructive to our nation than a politicized Justice Department that applies different legal standards depending on whether one’s last name is Trump or Biden?  View article →



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