COVID Wars: Shoddy Science and Medical Malpractice

“Increasingly we are being vindicated. Barely a day goes by when we do not learn even more about just how wrong so much of the ‘science’ was, how dictatorial and totalitarian our governments were, and how much medical fascism was allowed to take place.”

(Bill Muehlenberg – Culture Watch) Medicine and science have been massively abused over the past few years:

Some of us were quite skeptical of what was being done to us in the name of Covid from very early on in the piece. Things did not seem to add up, and the hysterical media alarmism, coupled with Statist overkill via lockdowns and all the rest certainly made us wonder.

And many of us wondered out loud. We got absolutely hammered and hated on for daring to ask hard questions and query the official narrative. For simply expressing our concerns we were turned into despised pariahs and treated as the scum of the earth. View article →



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