IRS Whistleblower: Additional Potential Witnesses Against the Bidens Are Being Pressured Into Silence

“When Biden-appointed U.S. attorneys in the District of Columbia and the Central District of California declined the case after only a brief review, and refused to allow Mr. Shapley or me to brief them on our findings, I knew I had to blow the whistle.”

(Guy Benson – Townhall) I realize much of political commentary flying around this week is of the ‘all Trump, all the time’ variety — and I’ve offered a few of my own baseline thoughts about the latest indictment, while deferring to legal experts I trust on the matter….

The ‘news’ media spent approximately one day in damage control mode for the Bidens on Monday into Tuesday, spinning and twisting themselves into pretzels. I half joked that the Biden DOJ would inevitably indict Trump again one day after Devon Archer’s significant testimony, and then the Biden DOJ did precisely that. Whether this is a series of pure coincidences, or something more political and sinister, it is pretty remarkable how often the wheels of ‘justice’ just happen to churn forward against the former president immediately after troubling developments arise about the current president: View article →



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