Cocaine found in White House belonged to someone in ‘Biden family orbit’ and Joe knows who it is

(Harris Rigby – Not the Bee) The New York Post is keeping us up to date on cocaine-gate at the White House and, according to the latest inside info, the identity of the coke owner is known, it’s someone in the Biden family orbit, and Joe knows who it is.

Soldier of Fortune publisher Susan Katz Keating made the shocking claim, citing three security sources, in a report published Sunday — even texting a number linked to President Biden in a bid to sniff out the culprit… 

According to Keating, while the Secret Service publicly announced July 13 they had closed the investigation without identifying a suspect due to a “lack of physical evidence,” authorities were able to follow enough clues to come up with a name — and were confident enough in their detective work to inform the commander-in-chief.

“If you want the name, ask Joe Biden,” one source told Keating.

“He knows who it is.” View article →



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