5 Ways to Tell if Your Church’s Worship Music is Man-Centered

“True worship, as described in the Scriptures, is a response to Jesus being revealed to us by God the Father. It is not contingent on musical skill, technological prowess, or atmospheric effects. When we look at the worship of God by the angels and His people in the Bible, we see a focus on the character, works, and promises of God….”

(The Dissenter) In the modern age, it’s not uncommon to find churches falling into a pattern of cheesy, shallow worship music. The superficiality of these songs often reveals much about the theology in the church itself. When a church preaches and a congregation subscribes to shallow theology, a low view of the sovereignty of God, and a high view of self, the music produced inevitably mirrors these beliefs….

In the end, this music tends to focus more on appeasing human desires and emotions rather than exalting and honoring God.

A church that understands the truth of God’s majesty, righteousness, and grace is expected to produce worship that reflects these very truths. But how can you discern whether or not the music is man-centered? Here are five key ways to identify it: View article →



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