Disney Legend Defends Splash Mountain and ‘Song of the South’

“…as Imagineers were planning what would become Splash Mountain, then-CEO Michael Eisner rereleased “Song of the South” in theaters to see if it would resonate as well with audiences in the ‘80s as it had 40 years earlier. The film did even better than it had done in any previous theatrical runs.”

(Chris Queen – PJ Media) Many years ago, I wrote about a largely forgotten classic Disney film, “Song of the South.” The 1946 film was innovative in the way the studio combined live action and animation in an effective way, and it won Academy Awards for Best Original Song and an honorary award for star James Baskett — who became the first black man to win an Oscar.

Walt Disney fought hard to make “Song of the South” his way, and he was much more hands-on with it than he had been on a film project in years. It paid off in a style that still looks inventive today. View article →




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