You Get What You Pay For

(Bill O’Reilly) Women are being “erased” in Afghanistan. So says a recent article on the Daily Chatter website, our foreign news partner.

The Taliban retook the country two years ago this week after the botched U.S. withdrawal by the Biden administration. Today, Afghan women cannot be seen in public without a male escort, are denied education, and have absolutely no rights whatsoever.

That’s terrible, of course, but the blame lies with the Afghan people themselves, who flat-out refused to fight for their own freedom….

America gave them a 20-year window to embrace a civil society. Collectively, the Afghanis said, “Not interested.”

San Francisco is a long way from Kabul, but it’s a similar story. The nation’s most liberal city destroyed the two-party system and is now in a ” doom loop” of destruction and abhorrent public behavior. Left-wing loons run the city and were given power by the voters. So, who feels sorry for San Franciscans? Not me. View article →



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