Mainstream media FINALLY admits people were barricaded in by incompetent Maui government….

(Revolver) What is unfolding in Maui stands as one of the most shameless, horrific displays of government ineptitude and cruelty we’ve seen. From the highest levels, including Biden, down to the lowest local officials, the good people of Maui have been met with disrespect and callousness. Tragically, many have died or suffered tremendously more at the hands of these government blunders.

Recently Revolver told you about a situation in Maui where residents revealed they had basically been “barricaded” in, unable to leave, as the fire tore through Lahaina, thanks to inept local officials.

Watch the video on the site.

Well, sadly, it turns out that incredible story was true, and now, the propaganda mainstream media, who have been covering for the Maui debacle, can no longer ignore it. View article →



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