The next phase of Obama’s ‘permanent revolution’

“When Trump supporters in effect endorse Obama’s “Permanent Revolution” by smoking pot in front of the cameras, you know the legacy of our first Marxist president has had a lasting impact. It remains to be seen whether Obama’s revolution can be stopped in its tracks now that acceptance of mind-altering drugs is affecting Trump supporters who should know better.”

(Cliff Kincaid – RenewAmerica) Back in 2008, Trevor Loudon and I exposed the Marxist roots of Barack Hussein Obama, including his relationship with Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis. We released this information before he was elected to his first term. My group America’s Survival then published three books on Obama. Fifteen years later, it is starting to dawn on some people that Obama was indeed a Marxist. Consider Jamie Glazov’s new bookBarack Obama’s True Legacy: How He Transformed America.

But the transformation continues. Our book on Obama’s Permanent Revolution explains where all of this is heading. We can see it in the drugs flooding into our communities, some of them exported by China and the Mexican cartels, and some of them homegrown, in the form of “cannabis” sales designed to generate tax dollars and votes. But something “new” is coming down the pike. View article →



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