Christian Journaling, Mystical Spirituality, and New Revelations from God?

(Chris Lawson – Spirit Journaling) Spiritual Journaling, spirit journaling, Christian Journaling, and newfound daily devotional “revelations” have become excessively popular. Many people claim receiving direct spirit revelations from God, and others, messages from Jesus Himself. Others claim to receive prompts from the Holy Spirit through Christian Journaling, which many are not from God. Some famous Christian authors even give no scriptural warnings as they teach people how to listen for “messages from God.” These practices can be spiritually hazardous!….

When Does Christian Spirituality Cross The Line Into The Occult?

While writing one’s thoughts in a Christian journal can be very beneficial, one needs to consider, “When does Christian Journaling and receiving spiritual messages cross the line into the occult?” Spiritual enlightenment and developing a renewed love for God are the goals of these practices. Yet, many people are severely straying away from the teachings found in the Bible. Even many well-meaning yet undiscerning Christians are immersing themselves in mystical traditions and literature that can easily lead them into unbiblical practices. Unbeknownst to them, these practices can lead to varying levels of psychic channeling and literary mediumship. Knowing the Bible very well is best for Christians to safeguard themselves against spiritual deception. View article →


Research: Occult-Sorcery

Research: Discernment


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