Forget the police, the left now has a plan to DEFUND the Supreme Court of the United States…

(Revolver) One thing we can say about the left is that they never stop cooking up evil plans to take down their enemies. And one of their biggest enemies right now is the Supreme Court of the United States and they’re doing everything in their power to stop the hight court who has delivered a few doozies to them lately, like the Roe v Wade ruling and the affirmative action ruling. Many believed that the left would push stacking the court, however that’s proving to be a dud. Americans don’t want to see that happen, so they’ve come up with a totally new way to cripple the court: DEFUND THEM.

That’s right, the left has a brand-new trick up their sleeves: starve the Supreme Court of resources. Oh, sure, they’ll lie and tell you it’s all about “cutting back on law clerks,” but don’t let the sugar-coating fool you. What’s really eating them alive is that the bench has a majority who actually care about the Constitution as it was written. They’re basically throwing a temper tantrum and trying to mess with the Court’s ability to do its job, all because they can’t stack the deck in their favor.

Here’s what the plan entails: View article →



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