How the Contemporary Church Has Eroded and Perverted True Worship of the Living God

“…worship” typically refers solely to the musical or concert portion of the service, while the preaching is often viewed as a separate, even lesser, component. This is a serious error as the preaching of the Word of God is not a mere add-on. It is the foundation of worship.”

(The Dissenter) When we take a look at biblical history, we find a pattern of worship that couldn’t be more distant from what we see in most modern churches today. Ancient Israel, a people set apart by God, was given meticulous laws and guidelines on how to worship the Creator of heaven and earth. It was an awe-stricken approach, deeply rooted in reverence and governed by God’s holy Word….

The worship of God was never viewed as optional or negotiable. The intricate details of offerings, the role of the Levites, and the majesty of God displayed in the Ark of the Covenant—all were aimed to point God’s people to His glory. It was the central element of Israelite life and a failure to do so always ended with drastic consequences and judgment.

Fast forward to today, and what we witness is a drastic departure from historic biblical worship. Worship has been grossly misshaped, stripped of its sacredness, and redefined according to the impulses of popular culture. Worship leaders and their music teams have become nothing more than performers on stage broadcasting their talents to whatever agents might happen to run across them rather than humble servants leading the congregation in singing praises to God. While the capriciousness of collective ideology shapes the church’s worship service, the Word of God is often sidelined, reduced to a few-minute devotional tacked onto the end of a high-octane music set. View article →


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