Mark Levin names them: here are the five cabal members who hijacked the DOJ…

(Revolver) Mark Levin is naming names and calling out the cabal.

When we look back to 2016, it’s clear we were all pretty naive, right? Sure, we knew of the disarray within our government and media, and our desire for change led us to choose an outsider, Donald J. Trump, in the hopes of setting things right. But even the sharpest among us couldn’t have grasped just how dark, evil and corrupt the government had become while “we the people” were fast asleep at the wheel for so many decades.

It’s only when the demons start feeling threatened that they reveal themselves in a desperate bid to hold onto power, and that’s exactly what we’re witnessing in our government today. Elected and unelected bureaucrats forming these tyrannical wicked “cabals” to wage war against the very people who put them in office and pay their salary. Essentially, our government is a private club with the same interconnected elites seamlessly moving from one situation to another, utilizing their connections to manipulate outcomes that support their agendas. It’s an exclusive club, and you’re not on the guest list. View article →



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