Doctors Say COVID Is Indistinguishable from the Common Cold

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) COVID is becoming so mild that its symptoms now look like the common cold. The most common symptoms of the virus are now sore throat, sneezing, or congestion — the same as RSV, asthma, or a pollen allergy.

The reason is because most Americans are now immune.

In the early stages of the pandemic, COVID-19 had very distinct symptoms, such as a dry cough and a loss of taste or smell. However, the new variants are more infectious but less deadly. As a result, the symptoms of COVID-19 are now more similar to those of other respiratory illnesses.

Dr. Erick Eiting, vice chair for emergency medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, told NBC News that virtually all COVID patients in the hospital right now have “very mild symptoms.” He said that the only way we knew it was COVID was because we tested them. View article →



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