Worship Should Feel (Somewhat) Awkward

“God who is utterly unthreatening is not worthy of admiration and does not provoke fear for His justice or love for His mercy. To worship the God of Scripture is to worship a God who, like Aslan, is “not safe, but He is good”. The worship of an unsafe God includes at least some hesitation, some awkwardness, and some intimidation.”

(David de Bruyn – Churches Without Chests) The things we take for granted are often our worst errors. Assuming the correctness of what is false can be disastrous.

An unquestioned expectation of modern worshippers seems to be this: Worship should be enjoyable in its entirety. It should feel familiar, and not foreign. It should be easy to do, not demanding. It should set me at ease, not intimidate me.

The theological idea behind this feel-goodism appears to be: God is a welcoming God, with no particular preference as to how we worship Him. He is happy if we are happy.  View article →



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