Hamas Launches Unprecedented Terror Attack on Israel


“The death toll in Israel is rising quickly, according to local reports.” 

(Breitbart) The Palestinian militant group Hamas launched unprecedented terror attack on Israel, which has included the firing of thousands of rockets onto the Israel and the infiltration of Israeli territory by land, air, and sea. Responding to the surprise attack Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared that the nation is “at war” and the terrorists “will pay a price it has never known before.” Thus far, the attacks in Israel have reportedly left 200 people dead and 1,104 wounded….

Hamas claims it has captured Israel Defense Force soldiers and civilians during its assault on Israeli border towns outside Gaza. Israel’s military response–“Operation Sword of Iron”– has led to the deaths of 198 Palestinians and 1,610 people injured.

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2:05 P.M. — Hamas has kidnapped an “elderly women with dementia,” during its terror attack on Israel, Sky News, citing Israel television, reports. 

Click here to see a photo of the abduction. 

2:00 P.M. — President Joe Biden is scheduled to deliver remarks on the Hamas terror attack on Israel at 2:30 P.M. EST.

1:55 P.M. — Hamas terrorists are once again claiming that the armed wing of Hamas– the Izzedine al Qassam Brigades–has captured numerous Israelis, CNN says.

“We bring good news to our (Palestinian) prisoners and our people that the al Qassam Brigades have dozens of captured (Israeli) officers and soldiers in their hands,” a spokesperson for the group writes in a Telegram post.

“They have been secured in safe places and resistance tunnels,” the spokesperson adds.

1:50 P.M. — An unspecified number of rockets fired by terrorists in Gaza have hit Tel Aviv, Israel’s Magen David Adom (MDA) rescue service announces.

“Following the red alert sirens in the last few minutes, Magen David Adom teams are conducting searches in the areas where rocket hits have been reported,” the organization says, CNN reports.

The number of causalities in the attack is unknown.

1:40 P.M. — The death toll in Israel is rising quickly, according to local reports. 

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