Joe Is Asleep, America. You’re on Your Own.

(Victoria Taft – PJ Media) Hamas’s attack on Israel should be a wake-up call for Sleepy Joe’s America. Joe Biden, a man whose entire government apparatus has turned domestic political protesters into terrorists but who finances and arms real foreign terrorists, isn’t on your side. A president who applauds releasing criminals early from jails and prisons in America — if they’re even arrested in the first place — isn’t on your side.

If he then leaves America’s back door open to let in millions of strangers freed from the world’s prisons so they can pour into your neighborhood, then he’s really not on your side. A leader who does all of this and tries to keep you from defending yourself — well, you know whose side he’s on. Not yours.

Half of America saw Hamas’s butchery, immediately thought of America’s open back door at the southern border, and bought more ammo. The other half donned their keffiyeh cloth, took selfies for TikTok, or considered making the Palestinian flag their social media avatars.

But a day and a half after Hamas invaded Israel and wantonly butchered babies, mamas, grandmas, and their dogs, all while taking hostages, Official Israel issued a safety statement that Americans should pay attention to. As IDF commandos targeted Gaza in retaliation, the government statement went something like this: yeah, guys, about the gun laws… View article →



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