Even Now, Democrats Are Having a Hard Time Breaking Up With Their Terrorist Pals

“Team Joe Biden’s Brain is still refusing to find anything wrong with giving Iran $6 billion and hasn’t announced any plans to refreeze assets.” 

(Stephen Kruiser – PJ Media)  Yesterday, we focused on just a couple of Democrat ne’er-do-wells who have a deep and abiding affection for terrorists like the Hamas cowards who attacked Israel last weekend. More than enough time has passed for all of the other Democrats in the country to separate themselves from and disavow the likes of the execrable Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, the two most prominent terrorist appeasers in Congress.

There has been some of that here and there, but not enough to convey a sincere break from the evildoers of the world. As we’ve discussed a couple of times this week, the Democrats have been in denial about Islamic terrorists almost since the dust from the fallen twin towers settled after 9/11. They’re obviously having a difficult time reorienting themselves. View article →



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