President Biden Gaslights Americans in Oval Office Address on Ukraine, Israel

“The last time Gaza got its hands on gazillions of other people’s dollars it didn’t provide the basic needs of the imbeciles who voted for Hamas back in 2006, but instead was used to build an underground labyrinth of tunnels terrorists can escape to after attacking Israelis.”

(Victoria Taft – PJ Media) Why did President Joe Biden travel to Israel to meet with Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu? So he could deliver an Oval Office address on Thursday night to beg Americans and a leaderless House of Representatives for more money for Ukraine.

You may have thought that the purpose of President Word Salad’s Oval Office address was to talk about the terror attack against Israel, which was most likely funded by the Iranian regime that was given $6 billion PLUS by the self-same President Word Salad, but you’d be wrong! Joe Biden wasted your time during Thursday Night Football to try and sell you on this big plan to shovel more money to a regime filled with executives who need more Black Sea dachas and Paris apartments and who employ people who have some of the same anti-Semitic attitudes as Hamas. View article →



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