American Oligarchy: Meet the Billionaire Mega-Donors Behind the Biden Presidency

“Jeffrey Katzenberg filled up the Biden campaign with millions of dollars upon Kamala’s joining the ticket, and then the entertainment mogul minted a deal with Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping to create a Chinese Hollywood. Synergy or quid pro quo?”

(Alexander Marlow – Breitbart) Liberals used to decry the influence of money in politics. But in Joe Biden’s America, we have seen the rise of a noxious new generation of left-wing donors. I identify some of the biggest power players in Joe Biden’s American in my book New York Times bestselling book Breaking Biden.

Joe Biden is the quintessential oligarch. He has empowered America’s moneyed elite, and they have empowered him. Biden’s 2020 campaign was the first to raise over $1 billion. Democrats raised $600 million more in “dark money” than Republicans in 2020. Look for those numbers to explode even higher in 2024.

It is important to understand a key principle in modern Democratic politics: if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu. Today, it’s Joe Biden’s table, and he’s happy to provide the entertainment. View article →



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