Emboldened Global Jihad Is Final Nail in Coffin of Mass Migration Delusion

“As the West grapples with the very radical Muslims it voluntarily imported, hundreds of thousands of whom march in the streets of metropolises such as London and Chicago calling for Jewish genocide and thousands of others of whom lead vile “Students for Justice in Palestine” statements praising the Hamas massacre as a “liberation” of “stolen land,” it has become obvious that assimilation of huge numbers of non-Western immigrants into Western society is simply not working.”

(Josh Hammer – The Patriot Post) The weeks since the Oct. 7 Hamas pogrom in Israel, in which the most Jews were slaughtered in a single day than at any time since World War II, have seen an astonishing rise in global Jew-hatred. One might have thought that the mass carnage and unspeakable barbarism of the Hamas Holocaust would instead galvanize a concerted pushback against Islamic jihadism, but it is the ancient scourge of antisemitism — and not so-called Islamophobia — that is once again the world’s most politically correct and fashionable form of bigotry.

“In every generation they rise up to destroy us,” Jews read in the Haggadah text every Passover, “but the Holy One, Blessed be He, delivers us from their hands.” Now, less than 80 years since the defeat of Nazi Germany, today’s Nazis, an Islamist Reich hellbent anew on Jewish genocide, rises up to try to finish what Hitler could not. Like their brownshirt forebears, the jihadists will fail. View article →



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