Argentina’s New President Is Trump…on Steroids

(Matt Vespa – PJ Media) Is populism dead? It depends on who you ask. In Argentina, right-wing populism thrives after nearly two decades of left-wing Peronism, leading to two lost economic decades. A whopping forty percent of the population now lives in poverty, the peso has collapsed, and inflation is sky-high. Does this sound familiar? In a country dominated by the Kirchners, it’s quite a slap in the face to the nation’s political class that Javier Milei is the new president. It’s much like Trump’s 2016 win, a rejection of eight years under Obama.

Milei is reportedly a Trump acolyte, and it shows with his interviews railing against “leftards/leftists” who are ruining the country. Read the subtitles in Trump’s voice, and there is little that differentiates between the two—both men are very much alike regarding their messaging skills. Milei is a bit more jacked up, carrying chainsaws to political rallies ….  View article →



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