Watch ‘The Fall of Minneapolis’ – What Really Happened to George Floyd

“One revelation in the film that is astonishing is that the restraint he used, holding Floyd down with his knee was an accepted practice the police were trained in. Everyone lied about that.”

(Mary Dowling) The film, The Fall of Minneapolis shows footage that was kept from the public for nearly 2 1/2 months. [Watch the full movie at the end] It’s something that never happened before in a major case. In the body camera footage, you clearly hear and see George Floyd talking about how we can’t breathe long before Derek Chauvin arrives on the scene.

You have a black officer who arrested George Floyd that day and remember, this was all supposed to be about race. That’s what we were told. Half of the officers on the scene were minority officers.

We weren’t allowed to see for ourselves how George Floyd was acting, not complying with commands. You have the officers asking, ‘What are you on? What did you take?’ and he repeatedly denies that he took anything. View article →



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