Unreal: SBC Megachurch’s Multi-Million Dollar Man-Pleasing Aesthetics Upgrade

“The Bible calls us to a different standard. It speaks of sound teaching, equipping the saints for ministry, evangelism, and faithful Christian living. The Church’s role is not to conform to the world but to transform it through the power of the gospel.” 

(The Dissenter) In a world increasingly seduced by the allure of modernity and comfort, Prestonwood Baptist Church’s [Senior Pastor Dr. Jack Graham] recent multi-million-dollar renovation epitomizes a troubling trend in contemporary Christianity—a shift from substance to spectacle, from doctrine to dazzle. This lavish expenditure on aesthetics and technology, while impressive in scale, raises serious questions about the church’s commitment to the core tenets of the gospel.

The entire campus, inside and out, has been renovated to mimic something more akin to Vatican-style opulence than anything remotely related to the humbleness of the bride of Christ. The project was completed by Paragon 360, and you won’t believe until you see the pictures below just how far this church has gone to please the eyes and ears of its pew-sitters. View article →



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