Sorry Catholics, Mary Has No Role in Salvation, and Believing Otherwise is Spiritual Suicide

“The concept of Mary as a distributor of grace or an intercessor with Christ finds no footing anywhere in the Scriptures. The role of Mary, as presented in the Bible, is one of humble obedience and servitude to God’s plan. She is a blessed figure, chosen to bear Jesus Christ, the God-Man, in the mystery of the hypostatic union—the union of Christ’s divine and human natures. Her role was uniquely important but not salvific.”

(The Dissenter) Throughout the entirety of Christian history, few figures have been as venerated and as controversial as Mary, the mother of Jesus. Her ascension to a position of near-divine stature within Roman Catholicism is a story steeped in centuries of tradition, theological evolution, and a departure from the biblical narrative.

This idolatry of Mary has reached a crescendo in modern times, with movements within the Catholic Church pushing for her recognition as “co-redemptrix,” a notion that would place her in an unprecedented role in the salvation narrative. However, a rigorous examination of Scripture presents a starkly different view, one that does not just challenge but outright refutes the notion of Mary playing any role in salvation. View article →


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