Debunking Leftists Myths About Jesus – Jesus Was a Refugee

“Let’s clear the historical air. When Joseph and Mary fled to Egypt with Jesus, they were moving within the Roman Empire’s borders. Egypt was not a foreign entity but a part of the same imperial system as Israel.” 

(The Dissenter) In our ongoing series to debunk leftist myths about Jesus, we’ve already dismantled several: from the mischaracterization of Him as a socialist, a radical environmentalist, to an advocate of modern gender ideologies. These myths emerge from a fundamental error: overcontextualizing the Gospel, leading to a reshaping of Jesus into a figure more palatable to contemporary, often political leftist, sensibilities.

Today, we address another pervasive myth: the depiction of Jesus as a refugee. This narrative is wielded by some as a theological justification for open borders and unfettered mass immigration. It’s a classic case of molding the Gospel to fit a modern agenda, rather than understanding it within its true historical and cultural context. Just take a look at this He Gets Us commercial: View article →


Research: Progressive (Social Justice) ‘Christianity’

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