Matthew Perry Had More Than Just Ketamine in His System

“It’s time to tell the Industrial-Medical Complex and their friends in the corrupt media who take the majority of their advertising from Big Pharma to leave us alone. We’re more than capable of trying therapies and taking risks after informed consent if we want to. No one, especially the government, should be allowed to tell us what we can and cannot do with our own bodies. Just ask those abortion nuts! Our bodies, our choice, right? Or are we going to only demand the right to murder our offspring but give up the right to try alternative therapies that might heal us?” 

(Megan Fox – PJ Media) We’ve heard a lot about ketamine lately. If you were watching the Maya Kowalski trial, you learned that ketamine has many uses for people in pain. Still, despite promising outcomes for many patients using it for pain relief, depression, addiction, and more, Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital tried to demonize it during the nine-week civil trial to cover up their involvement in the medical kidnapping of a child and the suicide of her mother….

It was JHACH’s argument that they “saved” Maya from ketamine, and her mother surely would have killed her with the ketamine infusions she was receiving from doctors outside JHACH. The jury disagreed and found JHACH liable for battery, false imprisonment, and driving Beata Kowalski to suicide. View article →



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